Dr. Lori Baptista’s Legacy and the African American Cultural Center at UIC | Office of the Vice Provost for Diversi…

Reinvigorating AACC Programs and Initiatives: Expanding Engagement and Reach

From the beginning, under the leadership of Dr. Royster, the AACC was meant to be “a very arts-based, practice-based arm, [a hub that would] support students in a number of different ways that were tied more closely to the curriculum as opposed to just social activities,” says Dr. Baptista. The numerous programs and initiatives developed during Dr. Baptista’s tenure continued in this vein and stressed the significance of assets-based frameworks and research-based programming.

Aside from the Visiting Artists Series, which was meant to provide a platform for young, aspiring Black artists, and to highlight Black culture and tie it into campus conversations, the AACC was mostly being used as a meeting…

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