Dr. Anthony suffers another fate with Caribbean Airlines

Dr. Anthony

This post appeared on the Facebook profile page of former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony one week ago (August 5, 2018 – better late than never, right?). The post highlights the challenges faced every day with regional travel.

“I really do hope that circumstances do not compel me to travel on Caribbean Airlines in the near future.

“Recently, on a trip from Havana, Cuba, I took a connecting flight on Caribbean Airlines, BW 434, from Trinidad to Saint Lucia.

“My bag weighed 27 kg, just 4.3 kg overweight. The allowable weight, I am told, is 22.7 kg, roughly 50 lbs. I was charged US $75.00 for an extra 4.3 kg weight from Trinidad to Saint Lucia. In my opinion, this is nothing less than extortion.

“This is not the first time that I have suffered this fate at the hands of…

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