Documentary lays bare the flight of an African migrant | Africa | DW

Their paths first crossed in Morocco: Kumut Imesh, an Ivorian refugee, and David Fedele, an Australian filmmaker. Fedele needed a Bambara and French translator for a project and was introduced to Imesh.

“So this is where the original spark of the idea came,” said Fedele. Three years later, their cinematic collaboration –Revenir(The Return) – was released. The documentary is based on the story of Imesh, who fled civil war in the Ivory Coast in 2004, making his way to Morocco and later on to France. In the film, he returns to Africa to retrace his escape route, only now equipped with a camera and the support of Fedele. 

Revenir was featured at the 2018 Africa Film Festival in Cologne, which runs until September 23.

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