Do You Believe The Media’s Reports On The Percentage Of African Americans Who Support Trump? – The Seattle Medium

Detric Johnson…
Well actually I do believe many, of course I didn’t vote for Trump, no offense, but I believe many African American would give him the time of day. Because you have a lot of brothas and sistas who believe that he’s bringing something good into our communities, but I believe different. I have talked to a few people that believe that Trump is assisting us because he’s allowing more jobs and different things to come into our path. The people are voting for him for excitement and new way of doing things, lets get the basics people.

Jason Graham, Sr….
I am originally from Alabama, let that be known. No, I do not think the media reports everything on how African Americans votes, nor the Mexicans and whether they voted for Trump or the Asians on whether they voted for…

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