Disneyland reopens Pirates of the Caribbean without the bride auction – Orange County Register

Disneyland fans stood in long lines Friday to board boats for the newly reopened Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday to see how park officials had replaced the captive bride slave auction scene that in recent years had been criticized as offensive.

In the newly revamped ride, the beautiful, saucy red-haired captive who spent 50 years tied up, defiantly waiting to be sold, has now become a buccaneer herself.

In perhaps a sign of the times, when sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement has shone a spotlight on treatment of women, the park’s first female pirate can now be found in the same scene, but now she’s toting a gun with her foot propped up on a rum barrel, while the auctioneer who formerly sold women now offers up the plundered goods of the townspeople.

“I think this is a good…

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