Delamere’s love for the African Standard :: Kenya

Lord Delamere (far right) reads a welcome address to the incoming governor of the British East Africa Protectorate, Sir Percy Girouard and his staff in 1909.

Lord Delamere, the son of the 2nd Baron Delamere and his wife, Augusta Emily Seymour, moved to Kenya in 1901, one year before AM Jeevanjee began publishing the then African Standard in Mombasa.

Hugh Cholmondeley, the 3rd Baron Delamere (April 28, 1870-November 13, 1931), styled Honourable, was a British aristocratic peer and one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.


Standard Group marks centenary celebrations

He acquired vast land holdings from the British Crown, most of which in Nairobi and Rift Valley areas of Naivasha, Elementaita and Nakuru.

Having lived in Nairobi, which later became the seat of…

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