Daytona African-American journalist blocked by Twitter unless he removes controversial tweet on Kanye West

By James Harper

Guest Columnist

Headline Surfer®


EDITOR’S NOTE Headline Surfer abhors the use of the N-word, but is allowing its limited use here by the guest columnist since it is from a copy of the verbiage he used in his tweet as follows in italics:

@DeadlineWH @Nicolle Wallace @stengel @Michael Steele @kanyewest is a house nigger. and not a musical genius. He showed his ignorance today. is this the kind of best people @realDonaldTrump surrounds himself. No wonder he is ignorant too. BOYCOTT KANYE


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla — I am not one who tweets a lot. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever check my Twitter account.

So imagine my shock one of the few times I actually do tweet it gets me suspended and locked out. And I won’t be allowed back into Twitter unless I delete the tweet I…

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