Cynthia Erivo Responds to Harriet Tubman Casting Backlash

Photo: Photo by Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

To call Cynthia Erivo an “acclaimed actress” borders on understatement. She’s an Oscar award away from achieving EGOT status (and if she secures one within the next 7 years, she’ll be the youngest to do so), winning particularly rave reviews for her portrayal of Celie in The Color Purple on Broadway.

But many professed fans of Erivo are critical of her latest role: that of Harriet Tubman in an upcoming feature film.

The role was actually announced last year, but debate around Erivo’s casting was reignited by the actress sharing an announcement that Focus Features, the studio carrying the independent biopic, had set production on the movie.

Erivo tweeted out the news last Thursday.

While many congratulated the Tony-award winning actress, there…

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