Cross-Cultural Cryptocurrency Trends: Hispanics, African-Americans 08/09/2018

Almost 60% of the total market has heard of cryptocurrency. But if you
are Hispanic or African-American, you are less likely to know what bitcoin is or how it works.

Among Asian-Americans, however, this isn’t the case. According to our most recent study,
“Cross-Cultural Cryptocurrency Insights,” nearly 70% of Asian-Americans are aware of cryptocurrency, followed closely by non-Hispanic whites at 61%.

But awareness of cryptocurrency
among Hispanics and African-Americans is low, which is  surprising for two cohorts that typically over-index in digital usage and awareness. So what makes this technology so different?

For U.S. Hispanics, perhaps the key driver of crypto’s low popularity is income level. Consider this: As household income rises, awareness of cryptocurrency increases. For U.S….

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