‘Creepy’ four-day Caribbean sex fest will cost you $8,500

A controversial no-holds-barred four-day, drug-fuelled orgy is back again this year but it will cost an eye-popping $8,500.

The sex fest came under fire last year over charges organizers were engaging in human trafficking with Latin American prostitutes.

Others called the flesh fest “creepy” and “disgusting”.

Sex Island promises two prostitutes to every man willing to shelling out $8,500. Organizers deny it is human trafficking. SEX ISLAND

Now, organizers of the December Sex Island bash are promising two women for every man, live sex shows, luxury yacht parties and “surprises.”

The bash will be held on a private island off the coast of Colombia that organizers call “drug friendly.”

“[All of the women who participate] do it at their own free will and are above 18,” the…

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