Crackdown shakes ‘Little Africa’ community in Guangzhou, East Asia News & Top Stories

GUANGZHOU (AFP) – The Ghanaian university student was roused after midnight by police shouting and pounding on his door in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, where a crackdown on illegal immigration has left many residents of its “Little Africa” neighbourhood feeling scared and angry.

After demanding to see his visa, the agents carefully checked his papers before leaving to knock on other doors.

The commercial hub has long been a magnet for fortune-seeking Africans, but traders and students say they face unfavourable visa rules and increasingly heavy policing.

“They do this because Africans live here,” the Ghanaian student told AFP as he stood on a pedestrian bridge in the bustling city, still upset over last summer’s after-dark visit.

“I was sick of being treated like a criminal. I…

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