Conference on Justice for Child Prisoners in Africa – IDN-InDepthNews

Viewpoint by Assefa Bequele and Alex Kamarotos*

ADDIS ABABA (IDN) – Let us begin with the positive. Unlike some years back, children are now very much on the political and public agenda in Africa. Every politician loves to talk about them, and the African Union has adopted a charter to protect them and a mechanism to hold governments accountable for the fulfilment of their rights. Even so, the reality on the ground is sombre and sobering.

Take children in prisons. We do not have reliable data but the number of child prisoners in Africa is definitely in the thousands, and some statistical calculations suggest that it could be as high as 28,000.

They are victims of a dysfunctional and discriminatory justice system which lets down some of the most vulnerable groups, including girls,…

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