Condor, Trooper, Sportage… South African SUV icons of the 1990s

“Some fascinating engine deals and the start of Korea’s African invasion,” Lance Branquinho takes a look at a few popular SUVs of the 1990s.

Toyota Condor

You’d suspect we’d volunteer Toyota’s Land Cruiser 80-Series as the brand’s 1990s SUV icon, but there was a locally developed 4×4 wagon which was even more influential than the legendary ‘Cruiser during this decade.

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The Condor was an inexpensive family wagon buoyed by a 4×4 drivetrain, which although it didn’t have low-range, was capable enough to get a great many South African families where they wished to be, chasing adventure.

A precursor of the eventual success which would befall Toyota a few years later with Fortuner,…

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