Community works to restore African-American cemetery

One Southport group is working to restore an African-American cemetery that contains about 1,500 graves. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WWAY) — One group in Southport is working to restore and repair a African-American cemetery that has been around for centuries.

“My view of it is that it takes a community to save a cemetery,” said Gordon Walker, who has been working with the John N. Smith Restoration and Preservation Inc. for four years.

The group has been raising money to repair and restore the cemetery. Walker says there are about 1,500 people buried at the site, but there are less than 300 hundred markers.

“And so it was a recognition that something really needed to be done to, one – make the area safe for people, but also be able to identify if…

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