Commentary: Prison reform needed, but a better prison facility will do for now

Youri Aramin Kemp, BA, MSc., CFM, AFA, ChE, is an Associate Editor of Caribbean News Now and the CEO of KEMP GLOBAL, a management consultancy firm based in The Bahamas

By Youri A Kemp

A superbly produced and broadcast prison documentary done by EyeWitness aired just recently. The piece was powerful, hits to the core and very well produced!

The documentary, titled “Sentenced to Suffer”, showed how bad the Bahamas Department of Corrections is. We knew, or had an idea, of how bad it was/is – but it is just as bad as it ever was or one can imagine.

I was alerted to it by a friend of mine who was in the middle of watching it and said that I needed to be shot if I did not tune in. So, later on that night, and by luck, I found the Facebook live broadcast on EyeWitness’s…

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