Commentary: Not the plantation life all over again, Ralph Gonsalves!

Matthew Thomas is a pharmacist and the owner of Matthew Thomas Pharmaceuticals in Kingstown, St Vincent

By Matthew Thomas

St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced on June 7, 2018, that he has secured a US$50 million soft loan from Taiwan to construct a 250-room hotel at Mt Wynne. He said that the government will build the hotel but will engage a company with a global brand to market and manage it. Gonsalves made the statement in the context of the old saying: “Government can’t manage anything.”

Mt Wynne is a beachfront estate that was sold to the government of SVG in 1989 by the original owners, the Cassons, descendants of slave owners for almost a reparative price.

Mt Wynne is located approximately two miles from the controversial…

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