Commentary: Grenada’s supporters of the CCJ request government postpone and fix the ascension Bill before the Novem…

Jerry Edwin is an attorney practicing in the Caribbean and in the US. He also specializes in anti money laundering compliance.

By Jerry Edwin

The stock and trade of politicians is the art of persuasion tossed with a dose of deception where necessary. Professionals in this line of work honestly believe they can convince ants to forego sugar and love salt. Those who survive this grim sport are indeed Great Persuaders who build monuments in their own name.

Consensus building is not their game.

The Campaign for a Yes Vote in favour of Grenada joining the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) unfortunately reeks of gamesmanship and, if they fail, political leaders in Grenada and Antigua would have dammed consensus in favour of naked political calculus.


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