Commentary: Fake access to justice promoted for Grenada’s CCJ referendum – Part one

J. K. Roberts is a sound public policies advocate; a premature retiree from the Public Service of Grenada, and author of two books (“Into The 21st Century” published in 1995 and “Management Practices in The Public Service of Grenada” published in 2011)

By J. K. Roberts

With the announcement concerning the filing of Grenada’s first case with the 14th February 2001 Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on 25th September 2018, the golden opportunity is now opened for the people to understand the practical legality of the concept “access to justice”, as applied to the CCJ. The proponents of the CCJ must also see and seize this opportunity, as an honourable obligation to explain the technicalities surrounding the use and operation of the CCJ.

In fact, many conflicting,…

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