Column: African-American history is awe inspiring


Guest Columnist

If you’re tuned in to history, it does something to you, consciously or subconsciously. To engage it becomes an emotional, mental and spiritual exercise even if you are approaching it from an academic perspective. You realize that it is a part of you, you are a part of it, and it has something to say to you.

I am reminded of this as we observe African American Heritage Month (or Black History Month) 2019.

I’m not quite sure when I came to this realization. Perhaps it was around age 6 when my father, the late Rev. Glennie L. Hough, told me the story of Larry Doby, a native of Camden and a distant relative of ours. Doby had made history in Major League Baseball (MLB) by following Jackie Robinson as the second African American to integrate Major League…

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