Coke wants you to get these South African names right, including Masixole and Tiaan

  • Tapping into the frustration that many South Africans feel at the butchering of their names, Coke cans now feature pronounciation guides to South African names. 
  • The company says it consulted with linguists and professional writers to get the pronounciations right.
  • But it admits that it may not get all of it 100% correct. 

Many South Africans know the frustration of having their names butchered. 

Two years ago, a Twitter campaign was launched with black South Africans vowing to deliberately get white South Africans’ names wrong in reaction to the constant mispronounciation of their names.

A couple of months ago, Nando’s launched an ad campaign to force spellcheckers to recognise local names instead of flagging them as typos.

Now Coke has decided to do its bit and add…

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