Clifford Street to Cuba: North Sydney youth club members learn about Caribbean island nation | Local | News | Local

NORTH SYDNEY — Children at the Clifford Street Youth Centre recently learned about Cuba, thanks in large part to staff member Adean McLean.

The children learned about the country and discussed the needs of people in other areas of the world.

Although most of the children were engaged and wanted to help the people of Cuba, members Hayden Timbury and Jersey Hawley took their learning experience one step further.

They created a special card, which featured a hand-drawn Cuban flag, along with an expression of kindness from the children.

The children also sent a “Capers” sweatshirt, which was delivered by Kim Fudge and Kevin Bernon, who travelled to Cuba, to Yoandry Robinson Perez.

McLean decided to introduce the learning program to the children after seeing a post…

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