Chris McDaniel Tells Black People to Stop Begging for Scraps

Screenshot: YouTube (MSNBC)

The black-hating, neo-Confederate Republican called “Roy Moore Lite” seeking to become the next Senator from the State of Mississippi visited MSNBC on Friday and in just under 2 minutes, managed to defend the Confederate flag, explain how rap music turns black people into murderers and told African Americans why they should be tired of begging from white people.

Imagine if David Duke had a nice head of hair, a genteel southern accent, the heart of an ethnic cleanser and a mouth that could dog whistle at a pitch only discernible to Caucasian ears.

This is Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel.

Everyone knows Chris McDaniel is racist. He’s so racist, he doesn’t even deny it himself and will only counter charges of racism by bringing up Ronald Reagan to remind…

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