Chinguetti, the 8th century African city in Mauritania you need to visit before it vanishes

Mauritania is a West African country with a relatively small population of about 4.5 million. Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, it is also popular for having some of the oldest kingdoms in West Africa, home to one of Africas oldest indigenous groups, the Berbers.

The country gained its name from the 3rd-century ancient African kingdom, Mauretania, which existed for close to 6 centuries.  Such rich history is what makes it one of Africa’s biggest destination when it comes to tourism.

With its many sites, tourists are spoilt for choice when they visit Mauritania but one of its must-see places is Chinguetti, a medieval Berber city currently under the threat of being swallowed by the desert.

Established in 777,  the city served a sole purpose: a…

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