Childish Gambino did the Gwara Gwara in This is America [video]

By now, you’ve probably seen Childish Gambino’s video “This Is America”. The music video has gotten A LOT of reaction. It’s packed with undertones and nuance and has been hailed as a masterpiece.

But the video also has a little South African flavour. As many have noted, the video starts over “South African style” melodies.

“The South African melodies suddenly give way to this really dark Southern American trap music,” NPR Music hip-hop journalist Rodney Carmichael wrote. “The rest of the video is this barrage of symbolism and chaos.”

But that’s not the only reference to Mzansi. Gambino does the “Gwara Gwara” at one part of his video.

Watch: Childish Gambino doing the ‘Gwara Gwara’

The viral craze of Gwara Gwara was, reportedly started by DJ…

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