Chicago Twin Sisters Clear Hurdles to Become Top Doctors

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent

They are sisters – twins to be correct – and both are medical doctors and were born and raised in a town in Ohio called Twinsburg, a segregated, lower-income and primarily African American area.

Both say they’ve always been drawn to science and excelled academically which led to each being in Advanced Placement and Honors courses in school.

Twin doctor’s Brandi and Brittani Jackson (Photo Courtesy of Brandi and Brittani Jackson)

Frequently the only African Americans in their classrooms, the twins endured their share of racism. There’s a pressure to perform and be on when you’re the only person of color in a space, lest you inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes about your race to non-people of color, they said.

But, none…

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