Channel Seven accused of fear-mongering over ‘African gangs’ story | Media

Melbourne’s African-Australian community is bracing for more negative attention and harassment following a television current affairs story that claimed police would not admit the city was in the midst of an “African gangs” crisis due to political correctness.

Presented by reporter Alex Cullen, Channel Seven’s Sunday Night story featured an interview with Elaine French, whose workplace, a Toorak shop, IMP Jewellery, was robbed by a trio of men in October 2016 and five men in January 2017.

French told how the two robberies had ruined her life, saying she could not go to the shops because if she “ran into a coloured person I’d be having a panic attack again”. In the second incident, three underage offenders were sentenced to 18-month youth supervision in June last year, according…

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