Central African Forces and MINUSCA launch a disarmament and arrest operation against armed criminals in Bangui’s PK…

On Sunday 8 April at 2:00 a.m. the Central African Armed Defense Forces (FACA), Internal Security Forces (ISF), and MINUSCA launched a joint disarmament and arrest operation targeting the bases of criminal groups in the PK5 neighborhood of Bangui.

The residents of PK5 have repeatedly called on MINUSCA to intervene and put an end to the predatory activities of the neighborhood’s criminal gangs. These gangs are responsible for extensive abuses against the local population, including extorting merchants and attacking civilians, while blocking the return of state authorities.

Prior to the operation, these criminal groups were provided the opportunity to voluntary disarm, which would have enabled some of their members to benefit from socioeconomic programs along with the wider community….

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