CBS’ ‘The Neighborhood’ Not Just a “Middle-Aged White Guy’s” Story

The first-year show has a writers’ room that is half African-American.

CBS’ new comedy The Neighborhood will tackle some potentially fraught material as it tells the story of a white family moving into an African-American neighborhood.

It will do so, however, with a writing staff that should ensure multiple points of view get heard.

“I always thought going into this that this can’t be just another middle-aged white guy’s point of view,” said creator Jim Reynolds Sunday at the summer TV press tour (the show is loosely based on his own experience). “We need real, authentic voices. This show is supposed to be a dialogue, and that needs to be reflected in the writers’ room.”

Reynolds, a Big Bang Theory veteran, said half the show’s writers are African-American, and it includes “more women on…

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