Caribbean News – Focus Turns To Bringing “Home” Caribbean Victims Of Italy Bridge Collapse

Jamaica-born Dawna Munroe, her husband and their daughter were killed in the Genoa, Italy Bridge collapse. (Facebook image) USA, LLC
By NAN Contributor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Aug. 22, 2018: The Caribbean-born family who lost both a daughter and a granddaughter in the horrific bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy last week, have now turned to the heartbreaking chore of trying to bring them “home.”

The family of Jamaica-born Dawna Munroe and her nine-year-old daughter Crystal want to get their bodies released from the Italian government to begin making arrangements to ship their remains back to their homeland.

Munore, r, with her Italian husband Cristian Cecala and their daughter, Crystal.

Munroe along with Cristian Cecala, her Italian husband and father of her daughter, are…

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