Caribbean News – Caribbean Roots UK Lawmaker Clash With Home Secretary On Twitter

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By NAN News Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 24, 2018: Caribbean-roots UK lawmaker, David Lammy, this week clashed with Home Secretary Sajid Javid over the Windrush scandal on Twitter.

The twitter face-off came as Lammy, a former Labour minister, blamed the Windrush fiasco solely on the Tory government’s crackdown on illegal immigration even as new figures revealed half of the 164 migrants wrongly locked up were overseen by the Labour Party.

Javid said the findings proves why all parties must “work together to help right wrongs of the past

Taking aim at Lammy, he tweeted: “You’re much better than this – let’s not play party political games. Far too important.”

Lammy, the son of Guyanese immigrants of the Windrush generation was not to be outdone…

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