Caribbean News – Caribbean National Busted with Cocaine In Baileys At JFK


By NAN Contributor

News Americas, JAMAICA, Queens, Thurs. Oct. 4, 2018: A Caribbean national is now under arrest after being busted with cocaine in Bailey’s bottles at the JFK Airport in Queens, NY.

Akeem Rasheen Lewis, a Jamaican citizen, arriving on a flight from Kingston, Jamaica, was busted on September 28th after Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers removed three bottles of Bailey’s liquor from a duty-free bag and discovered that the bottles appeared to be tampered with.

Lewis was escorted to a private search room where CBP officers discovered white powder wrapped in clear plastic bags within the bottles.  A total of three packages containing nine pounds of cocaine was discovered with an estimated street value of $115,000.

CBP officers placed Akeem Rasheen…

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