Caribbean Business – Caribbean Nationals Among Top 16 Migrant Groups In US

By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 9, 2018: Nationals from five Caribbean countries make up a large percent of 49,780,000 foreign born migrants in the US and rank in the top 16 of all foreign-born groups, according to the Pew Center. They come from:

1: Puerto Rico

As of 2017, Puerto Ricans, who are also American citizens, accounted for 1,900,000 migrants in the US, the most of any Caribbean nation and the fifth largest grouping of migrants.

2: Cuba

Accounting for the second most Caribbean immigrants in the US is Cuba with 1,250,000 as of 2017, which puts them at 8th out of 16 according to Pew data.

3: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic took the third spot with 1,070,000 migrants as of 2017 and 10th overall.

4: Jamaica

Coming in at fourth…

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