Candace Owens Reacts To Nike’s Kaepernick Ad By Scolding African Americans

The Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick triggered Fox guest Candace Owens into an outpouring of animosity toward her fellow African Americans for being so darned shiftless!

Tuesday night, Laura Ingraham closed out Fox’s marathon, all-day poutrage over Nike’s Kaepernick ad. Her guests were two African-Americans, attorney and sports agent Anthony Tall and Owens, conservative freedom fighter and communications director for the right wing Turning Point USA. (The black Tomi Lahren?)

Ingraham immediately advanced one of the day’s popular propaganda motifs when she referenced the destruction of Nike gear by those who opposed the ad as “pretty dramatic stuff.” She cited lower prices for Nike stock (which has bounced back and is looking strong).

Owens began by saying that Kaepernick’s…

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