Canberra United sign South African stars


Garriock decided opportunity is important, and she had seen enough to give the South African duo a chance in Canberra United’s winter program.

Soon after they touched down Garriock had “no choice”. She needed them.

“Their qualities and their backstory is what I’m really fond of, and just how much it means to them to play at this level,” Garriock said.

“Where they live is quite poor and they’ve had to fight to get out of there. Their dream was to get a professional contract and they’ve just achieved that.

“It’s really inspirational, but the most important thing for me is they come and impress from a football sense as well.

“To be fighters and great people with aspirations to be the best, as well as good footballers, both come hand in hand. They gave me no choice but to sign them.

Canberra United coach Heather Garriock.

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