Who Can Stop The Senseless Killing?

mental health problem

Who can stop the senseless killing of innocent men, women, and children in society? Certainly not Trump because although he has a habit of talking tough he doesn’t really have a clue where to begin. After a crazed gunman walks into a church and kills 26 innocent men, women, and children Trump says, “this was a mental health problem at the highest level,” not a “guns situation”.

I’ll give Trump points for being right but does he know that he cannot legislate (goodwill)? And even if he did legislate health before profit, does he know that he would cease being a conservative and instantly transform into a socialist. Its like when he declared that he will stop the drug overdose epidemic while at the same time he is trying his best to kill healthcare for people who cannot afford it.  

Someone please tell him that tough talk cannot solve psychological problems. People will not begin to shake in their boots and wise up. The only thing that will solve the epidemic of mental health problems in society is a willingness by industry to put health before profit. Legislate them to cut down on the amount of harmful chemicals that is being used in our food, drugs, and personal products.

Psychologists will have pitch in also but unfortunately most of them have already become enslaved by the same process that they will be attempting to manage. In other words, there is no incentive to help people unless money is involved. It seems that everyone craves the same Dopamine release, some by taking drugs and some by acquiring wealth. Mental health never appears on most peoples self-help list unless they have the money to invest.

The thing that makes America great is Free Enterprise. It is a system in which ambition and hard work is rewarded therefore people strive to live a prosperous life. The draw back is that everything becomes a commodity, including life itself and unless there is financial incentive to solve a profitless problem, no one cares.

Finally, Trump needs to set a better example by calming the rhetoric of hate, conflict, and division that is fuelling fear and unrest in society. In such a volatile environment, conscience is easily suppressed in favor of more irrational emotions that are generated by ideology rather than reality. Eventually people will understand that they can’t solve their problems by killing others.