California student reveals a piece of Baton Rouge history


Curiosity has taken an unusual twist for a young student who might have the chance to contribute to Louisiana’s history.

Thiana Aklikokou is embarking on a journey, but it’s not the typical journey for a 14-year-old. The California native is uncovering a piece of Baton Rouge’s history that we don’t hear much about.

“I kept looking in history and found an article by the African American registry that it was this day in history that the Baton Rouge Bus boycott was settled, and I was like what was that. And I was like Baton Rouge, typo, like what,” Thiana said.

The eighth-grader would soon learn it wasn’t a typo. In fact, the 1953 Baton Rouge Bus boycott served as a blueprint for future initiatives, like the one in Montgomery, Alabama. Thiana decided…

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