Cabinet Reshuffle: Bathabile Dlamini’s appointment disrespects ALL South African women

As Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini has been an unmitigated disaster: endangering the very lives of millions of South Africa’s social grant recipients through her dogged pursuit of an unlawful contract with grants suppliers CPS, and then demonstrating an arrogant disregard for the attempts of Parliament to hold her to account. Under her watch, talented and committed Social Development officials have fled.

The decision to replace Dlamini as Social Development Minister in the first available Cabinet reshuffle was a no-brainer. But it seemed equally unquestionable that Dlamini had to go altogether. This would seem doubly the case given how vocally Dlamini campaigned against Ramaphosa becoming ANC president, even spreading rumours that he was a wife-beater in her attempt to see…

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