Brit police officer accused of rape on Caribbean island set to be extradited after trying to claim it would breach …

A POLICE officer accused of rape in the Caribbean is set to be extradited despite trying to block the move by claiming it would breach his human rights.

PC Lee Martin-Cramp, 25, will be flown to Antigua where he is alleged to have raped a student while attending a family wedding in May 2015.


PC Lee Martin-Cramp is accused of rape on the paradise island of Antigua

The Metropolitan Police officer tried to claim the move would be inhumane due to conditions inside 1735, the national prison on the paradise island.

But West Indian authorities persuaded a judge to agree to his extradition after striking a deal over his custody.

Martin-Cramp will be kept on a former US airbase with air-conditioning, a fridge and an ensuite bathroom while he is detained.

Prison conditions on the island have been…

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