Brexit news: John Cleese is LEAVING the UK because of Brexit and the media | UK | News

Speaking on the BBC flagship programme, the Monty Python star said that the “awful debate” during the Brexit referendum and the lack of trust in British printed media is among the many reasons he is jumping the ship.

He told BBC presenter Emily Maitlis: “I think you said I’m threatening to leave.

“I actually am leaving.

“I am so disappointed with so much about this country at the moment.”

The comedian argued that the debate during the Brexit referendum was influenced by “dreadful lies.”

Mr Cleeve said: “It was awful.

“Dreadful lies on the right about all the money going into the national services and the usual thing, the scare tactics from Cameron and Osborne.

“Nobody said it is very complicated.

“Why is everyone so passionate when they can’t possibly know what the outcome is?”


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