Black Panther shows it is time to open the door for new African heroes and heroines

By Bolaji Ajayi, Author of Akiti The Hunter

‘Black Panther’, the new motion picture about an African King with superpowers, begins and ends in Oakland, California, the hometown of ‘Akiti The Hunter’ author Bolaji Ajayi. The story is similar to her own superhero, Akiti, an African Prince with superpowers (see video) who uses them to save his land and claim dominance in a world filled with antagonists and those who seek to claim the crown for their own.

While the story of the Black Panther is not new to avid comic book readers by any stretch of the imagination, the concept of an African superhero gaining such mainstream success while incorporating traditional African culture is. Let’s face it; Hollywood has been dominated by stories of European and American dominance since its…

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