Black Cops on Both Sides of the Badge

Daniel Edwards was scrolling through his Facebook feed in the summer of 2016, when he came upon a viral video of Diamond Reynolds who, in a calm panic was recounting how a police officer in St. Anthony, Minn., shot and killed her boyfriend, Philando Castile, during a routine traffic stop.

As Mr. Edwards processed what he saw, he had a realization: Although his parents, Arby Hurd and C.C. Edwards, had lifelong careers in law enforcement, he had developed a general distrust of police officers. It was an uneasy tension. “I had developed this attitude around the police, but at the same time I love my parents,” he said. “How could those two feelings share the same space? I set out to work that out.”

The contradictions between the good policing his parents exemplified and the anger stirred…

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