Biologists: World-Record Bass Potential in South African Reservoir

15.86-pound bass caught in Loskop Reservoir by Wayne Naude.

In the South Africa province of Mpumalanga lays the Loskop Dam Reservoir. This 6,000-surface acre lake was built in 1937 by damming the Olifants River. It has been known for carp, barbal and kurper (tilapia) fishing for generations. Like many waterbodies throughout the world, this reservoir now faces the threat from a new invasive exotic species. This time, however, the invasive species is the Florida Largemouth Bass.

I took some time to talk with Dr. Andre Hoffman, aquatic scientist at Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency, about the Florida Largemouth Bass introduction and impact on this reservoir. Below is what I’ve learned from Dr. Hoffman.

Several factors contributing to huge catches

Largemouth bass in South Africa are not a new…

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