‘Biblical’ caterpillar plague that devastated African crops is ‘heading to UK’

A PLAGUE of caterpillars that have left millions starving in Africa could be heading to British shores, experts have warned.

The Fall Army Worm has wiped out entire crops of maize across countries including Malawi and Uganda, costing economies across the continent billions of pounds and prompting fears of a humanitarian crisis.

The Fall Army Worm has wiped out entire maize crops across countries in Africa

The damage it wreaks has been compared to a biblical plagues of locusts.

It has already spread across 38 African countries since arriving from America two years ago.

Now Exeter University biologist Regan Early is predicting it will soon arrive in southern Europe before making its way to the UK.

The bug has been dubbed one of the deadliest and biggest pest invasions Africa has ever seen, and…

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