Benin becomes first African country to listen to its citizens and cancel internet tax

West African country Benin has shown respect to the demands of its citizens who fought against a planned social media and internet tax that was imposed via a new law in late August.

The government planned to tax its citizens 5 CFA francs ($0.008) per megabyte on the usage of social media apps, and another 5% levy on texting and calls. A decision which civil society organisations have described as a move to silence critics.

Over 7,000 people signed a petition calling for the suspension of the levy which would not favour the mass poor population of a little above 10.5 million and a minimum wage of about 40,000 CFA francs ($70.56) per month. Thousands of young Beninese citizens used hashtags to protest against the tax.

The Beninese president Patrice Talon, in a tweet, announced…

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