Belize, Suriname among countries on track to eliminate malaria by 2020

Belize and Suriname are potentially on their way to achieving elimination by 2020. Other regional countries, however, have recorded an increase in the number of cases of malaria, which puts at risk achievement of the goals to reduce the number of cases, and eliminate the disease in the region by 2030.

On the eve of Malaria Day in the Americas (November 6), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) urges countries of the region to take urgent action to halt the increase in cases, maintain achievements, and free the continent of malaria, a disease which, during the last century, was the leading cause of death in almost every nation in the world.

“Malaria elimination is now closer than ever,” said PAHO Director, Carissa Etienne.

However, she also warned that “we cannot…

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