BBC Dynasties: What is an African wild dog, where do they live and are they endangered?

Dynasties returns to our screen tonight to tell the story of another of the planet’s endangered species.

The BBC wildlife series, narrated by national treasure Sir David Attenborough, has shone a light on the plight of the chimpanzee, Emperor Penguin and lion.

This week it is the turn of African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves.

The episode follows two packs at war on the Zimbabwe plains.

Featuring a mother-daughter feud of ‘Shakespearian’ proportions, violent death and a fight for survival – it could be Dynasties’ most dramatic episode yet.

Only 6,600 of these fascinating, elusive creatures are left in the wild.

Producer Nick Lyon says: “Tait is an ageing leader who was the matriarch of three related and neighbouring packs.

“Then we have Blacktip, one of her daughters. She runs…

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