Asheville Archives: Asheville Colored Hospital opens, 1943

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, The Asheville Citizen featured a weekly Monday column titled “Excerpts From Sermons Preached Here Sunday.” On Feb. 10, 1941, the paper highlighted the Rev. C. Grier Davis’ sermon at First Presbyterian Church. Davis’ talk focused on race relations in Asheville and the urgent need for greater medical access for the city’s African-American residents.

Davis declared:

“Recently the editor of The Asheville Citizen has called our attention to the criminal neglect of our community with respect to the negroes in our city. There are about 14,500 negroes in Asheville. For them we have provided 21 hospital beds. This means that there is one hospital bed for every 700 negroes. This deplorable condition is seen in its true light when we are reminded that we…

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