Arts review: Jazz culture at center of Worthingon artist Ron Anderson’s enigmatic paintings – Entertainment & Life …

A Point of Departure: The Work of Ron Anderson and a Celebration with Friends is showing at the Shot Tower Gallery, Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center

To step in front of a Ron Anderson painting is to step into a story.

The artist’s big oil paintings are populated largely with African-American characters who find themselves in the crowded jazz clubs, bars and restaurants of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

In the motion-filled “Sundance,” for example, three dancing couples and three single women surround a trumpeter and a bass player. But every face that’s visible is either stern or downright angry. What’s going on here?

Anderson — who has 25 paintings on view at the Shot Tower Gallery at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center — isn’t saying.

“I don’t…

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