Arthur Ashe, the First and Only African-American Male to Win the U.S. Open Would Have Turned 75 Today

You see, when an individual breaks a barrier-a circumstance that prevents progression, they are considered to be a notable force. In the overall history of tennis in North America, Arthur Ashe is one of the most prominent figures of the racket sport. Today (July 10) marks the 75th birthday of the acclaimed tennis legend.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Ashe was consciously prone to the rattles of racism at a very early age. He has faced circumstances where his own divine color kept him out of tournaments, movie theaters, and American social clubs. Overall discrimination was the reality of the Black man in America, for Ashe it was an aggressive sense of motivation. His presence in the world of tennis, one of the very last athletic fortresses for the white race, was strictly profound…

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