Are Black Celebrities Pushing a Gay Agenda?

Gay black Celebrity Kids

Are Black celebrities pushing a agenda? Apparently, a lot of Black people are beginning to think so because as more Black celebrities publicly express acceptance of their children, the Black community is getting angrier. The Interface of Black Consciousness thinks that there might be a Agenda at play but it is only succeeding due to Black people’s own ignorance of reality. As long as we continue to believe in religious misconceptions about Life and rely on ideology rather than reality, Life will continue to slap the shit out of us.

Recently, famous Basketball player Dwyane Wade publicly endorsed his son’s decision to classify himself as Transgender. He is only the latest Black celebrity to publicly endorse his child’s decision as many well-known celebrities before him have already done the same. Generally speaking, their reasons for supporting their children is that, while they may not like their children’s choices, Love supersedes their own views because their children deserve to be happy. To us, its not a difficult decision for them because in a secular society where money is King, they couldn’t give a shit what the general public wants to say.

There is an opposite opinion in the Black community however. Most Black people are expressing anger at Black celebrities who are endorsing their Gay children’s choices, accusing them of either being bad parents or the pawns of a Gay Agenda that is being orchestrated by white people to destroy the Black race. Some other Black celebrities are even jumping in the fray to either endorse or bash people like Dwyane Wade but are quickly realizing that they were better off keeping their mouths shut as Social media and Human Rights Activists go after them.

So, what is a Gay Agenda? In Conspiracy terms, the Gay Agenda is a movement that is orchestrated by powerful elites, either because they are Homosexual themselves or because they want to destroy Black families.

(Premise 1) If powerful Black elites are Homosexuals then they will only want gender confusion to flourish within the Black community.

(Premise 2) If other elites don’t like Black people because of racism then they will use tools such as Homosexuality to destroy the Black race.

(The X factor) The success of a so-called Gay Agenda depends on several key factors that exist within humanity. They are the Human Right to Happiness and Ignorance (lack of knowledge).

At the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness we believe that being Gay(biological sexual attraction between people) is not a choice. People are born Gay depending on defective glandular development which either grow to produce too much of Female Hormones in a Male or too much of Male Hormones in Females. At extremes these Hormones result in Females being born with Male sexual organs and vise-versa. In children where no genital confusion is apparent, Hormone confusion might develop fast or slow then become full blown at Puberty. You might notice a Boy child liking Girly things, being over emotional, or clingy, for instance.

When a Hormone confused child reaches Puberty the game changes because their Hormones will go into overdrive. This is decision for a child’s wellbeing. They will either recess or express their true depending on the feedback they are getting from society and their parents. As mentioned before, if they know that they can depend on society through Human Rights, to defend them, they will not care what their parents or society thinks. If they are overly sensitive to opinion they will dwell in depression or even commit suicide. There are Heterosexual children who grow to live a Homosexual lifestyle depending on their acquired perversions but we will discuss them at another .

Controversy regarding is not new. Gay people exist in every culture and society in the world. There is also a misconception that Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle that originated in Europe and is being spread by them throughout the world. The truth is that some forms of Homosexuality is a choice and some aren’t. How can you ask people to resist their Hormonal inclinations when they cannot turn off their Glands? How then can you tell them that the emotions that they are feeling towards a same-sex individual is wrong? I am a Heterosexual man who would never do that. I know that what is new about Homosexuality’s growth is society’s willingness to accept it.

I believe that Life will continue to slap the shit out of Black people until we wake up and realize that if there is a Gay Agenda being perpetuated on us, we need to figure out how to stop it without hating, fighting, or killing each other. The first thing we need to do is get our minds out of religious books that do nothing but hide the truth using ideology. Churches and Mosques are full of Homosexuals that hide in plain sight. They are backed by religious leaders who know that secrets are reserved for people and their god. They all play a game of hide and seek with a devil who they perceive as temptation because they know that cleansing is as simple as asking for forgiveness.

Learn about human biology and the things that can result in the creation of an unhealthy child such as parental trauma, Rape, illicit drugs, Incest, drugs that were not properly tested for use by pregnant mothers, dangerous chemicals in foods, Alcohol, dangerous chemicals in the environment, and chemicals and biological products of war. All these things have the potential to affect our health and the development of healthy fetuses yet we always seem to dwell on fairytales of human perfection from conception to death.

Yes, Black celebrities with Gay children might be caught up in a Gay Agenda. Heck, some of them might even be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender themselves and are using Human Rights to open up the Black community to the practices of secular culture but we must understand that those who are not part of an agenda accept their Gay children out of Love. Being Gay is not always a choice so it was no fault or result of bad parenting on their part. Finally, in order to come to terms with the prevalence of we must begin to understand Life before we can begin to consciously work to manage it.

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